W I L L M O R E   F A M I L Y

The following photos document the Willmore family, direct descendents of the former North American freed slaves who emigrated to Samana, D.R. in 1824

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Frank Minaya y Willmore as a very young child.

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Nicolas and Olivia (nee Willmore) Minaya, Frank's Father and Mother.
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Left Photo: Joshua Willmore, Rebecca (nee Willmore) Simon, and Diana Elizabeth (nee Green) Willmore. Right Photo: Celina Willmore.
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Willmore brothers: Andrew and Rev. Jacob Willmore.
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Willmore sisters: Laura and Ethel. Laura Willmore was the first Willmore to travel to the United States as a missionary and bring goods back to Samana.
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Joshua Willmore and Diana Elizabeth (nee Green) Willmore.
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(l to r): Rebecca (nee Willmore) Simon, Hezekiah Willmore, Oneal Willmore and Celina Willmore during Oneal's 91st birthday celebration.
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Left Photo: Celina Willmore and Olivia (nee Willmore) Minaya. Right Photo (l to r): Rebecca (nee Willmore) Simon, Celina Willmore, and Martha Willmore.
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Left Photo: Rebecca (nee Willmore) Simon. Right Photo: Rebecca (nee Willmore) Simon, Frank Minaya's only living aunt, and Frank Minaya y Willmore.
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Left Photo: (l to r): Oneal Willmore, Rebecca (nee Willmore) Simon, Rev. Jose Archibaldo Willmore, Celina Willmore, and Olivia (nee Willmore) Minaya, all lifelong AME Church members. Right Photo: Samana, D.R. AME Church.
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(l to r) Wellington Willmore, Ismael Willmore, Maxwell Dickson y Willmore, and Abraham "Chief" Willmore.
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