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DR Historian, Martha Willmore and Frank Minaya y Willmore.

A large number of American college students come to Samana, DR each year to participate in study abroad programs. During their stay in Samana, these students visit Martha Willmore's home, situated 15 minutes from the Samana College campus, for an in-depth presentation on the immigrants who came from the United States to Samana in 1824. A highly respected Samana historian, Martha Willmore coordinates presentations to various American colleges approximately twice a week. Following each presentation, students enjoy homemade ginger beer and johnny cake prepared by Martha in her own kitchen in the style of the original immigrants of 1824. Due to the historical significance of Martha Willmore's home, it has received landmark status in Samana.

The following photos show Albright College (Reading, Pennsylvania) students, their accompanying professor, Dr. Patricia A. Snyder, and Dr. Dana Minaya, researcher, visiting and learning from Martha Willmore on Barrio Willmore land.  Albright College students receive January Term credits for their stay in Samana.

For a list of literary resources pertaining to Samana, please click here. For photographs of the Willmore Family History, please click here.


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