A F R I C A N  A M E R I C A N  H I S T O R Y

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A young and inimitable Frank Minaya and award-winning journalist, Gil Noble, host of ABC's "Like It Is".

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A very young Cassius Clay, a.k.a. Mohammed Ali, posing for a sketch by his father, Cassius Sr., a commercial artist in Louisville, Kentucky: 28th April, 1963, Sunday News.

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Left Photo: Master sculptor Masood Warren with W. C. Handy and his bronze bust. Right Photo: Masood Warren with Nat King Cole while putting finiashing touches on master mold of the artist.

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Left Photo: Roy Wilkens. Right Photo: A. Phillip Randolph.

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Left Photo: Whitney Young. Right Photo: Baseball legend Hank Aaron.

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Author James Baldwin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Martin Luther King.

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Left Photo: Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. and Rev. Martin Luther King. Right Photo: Award-winning photojournalist, Robert Cottrol.

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Civil Rights activists; Julian Bond and Rosa Parks.

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Matthew Henson, Arctic Explorer

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