J E W E L   G.   C O T T R O L

Jewel E. G. Cottrol

Photo: Robert W. Cottrol

Jewel Cottrol worked for over 50 years for the church in both a paid and volunteered capacity. She retired as a senior administrator of the Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church giving out scholarships to students around the world. She volunteered for 25 years as a teacher and later the superintendent of the Church School at St. Mark's United Methodist Church in Harlem, New York and then worked for another 25 years as President of the Lela S. Kellar Library, also of St. Mark's, until her death in December 2002.

Originally born in Walstein Arkansas, Jewel Cottrol played a pivotal role in the lives of both her husband Robert W. Cottrol, internationally known photojournalist and former managing editor of Impact Magazine and Amsterdam News, and her two children Robert James, a tenured, chaired, professor of legal history at George Washington University who has authored several books on the struggles of blacks in North America and Cheryl Henrietta, a Board Certified physician, specializing in Neurology and Psychiatry who teaches at Yale Medical School, has a private practice in New York and works with a Pharmaceutical Company.