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Above Photo: Frank Minaya, Sydney Poitier and Harry Belafonte.

Left Photo: Vintage Cat & Fiddle Advertisement.
Right Photo: Nat King Cole on stage at the famed Cat & Fiddle Nightclub in Nassau.
Above Photos: Count Basie with his band and entourage, including legendary Bahamian singer, Freddie Munnings, Jr.
Left Photo: Louis Armstrong and Freddie Munnings. Right Photo: Doris Johnson and Irving Burgie, a.k.a. "Lord Burgess."
Left Photo: Percy Munnings, left, and Robert Isaacs help "Nine" Rolle celebrate birthday. Right Photo: "Shot" Pinder, left, Eleanor Babbs, and on right: Jewell Adderley Thompson, Pamela Granger, Jean Thompson, and Eloise Francis Edwards.
Frank Minaya flanked by prize-winners of the "Fashions in Black and White" contest, including Miss Pamela Bethel, Miss Maria Carter, and Mrs. Yvonne Isaacs, presented by Mrs. Maxwell Thompson.
(l to r): Frank Minaya, Carroll Christian, John Silvera, Judge Samuel Price, Fran Olney, and Freddie Munnings during an evening at the Cat and Fiddle Nightclub.
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